Alachua County Green Party

Local Links

Alachua County Green Party Forum
This Yahoo! Group and listserve serves as a communication and information resourse for Greens living in or near Alachua County.

Green Gators 
A Yahoo! Group for members of the extendend UF community who identify with the values of the Green Party.
CodePink Gainesville
The Gainesville Chapter of the national women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement.
Civic Media Center
A reading room and library for alternative and non-corporate press, as well as a community activism center in Gainesville, Florida. 


Resources for Sustainable Living

Freecycle Gainesville
The Gainesville chapter of the national re-use-it group.
The Gainesville Community Bicycle Project, Inc. a.k.a. The Kickstand 
Florida Organic Growers   Resources for anyone interested in learning about growing food organically
Citizen's Co-op
Edible Plant Project
A not-for-profit, volunteer-based group working to promote edible landscaping and local food abundance in North Central Florida.
Hogtown Homegrown 
Local Harvest